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Jeremy Smith

JDS Headshots 2Jeremy Smith is the proud owner of Above and Beyond Residential Cleaning Service. Jeremy has a B.S. degree from Troy University in Alabama. He worked as a corporate pilot for 13 years, prior to starting Above and Beyond. Nine of his 13 years in aviation was spent as flight department manager. In 2014, Jeremy brought his years of management experience and attention to detail to the home cleaning industry.

At Above and Beyond, Jeremy personally handles all customer service and sales duties, so when you call to schedule a house cleaning appointment, know that you are speaking with the decision-maker. Call Jeremy today to elevate your clean.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

We offer deep cleaning services for every room in your home, no matter the occasion. From kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between, we’ll take your house to an entirely new level of clean.

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Recurring Cleaning

Recurring Cleaning

There’s no better way to keep your house in pristine condition than by using our recurring cleaning services. We’ll even eliminate the hassle of booking appointments every other week by establishing a schedule that works for you.

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Beautiful Recurring Cleaning Simplicity

At Above and Beyond Residential Cleaning Service, we are dedicated to making life easier for employees and customers. We do this by providing recurring house cleanings. That's it. No office cleanings, no one-time cleanings. We don't chase the shiny stuff, we just stick with what we do best-recurring house cleanings. This approach makes life easier for employees because our employees only have one cleaning process to remember. This makes YOUR life easier because with only one cleaning process to remember, our techs make fewer mistakes. Simpler is Easier-and that's good for everyone!



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