Post-Construction Cleaning Services Montgomery, AL

Make the Most of your New Space with Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-Construction Cleaning Services Montgomery, ALUpdating your home can be an exciting and stressful time. On one hand, you have a brand new room, but on the other hand, the construction tends to seep into other rooms in your house, causing chaos and mess throughout your home. As soon as the construction workers leave your home, you can’t wait to test out your new space; that is, until you see the mess they left behind.

When you are looking for post-construction cleaning services to restore order in your home, call Above and Beyond. Our full line of maid services is available for those special occasions when you need extra cleaning, like after a renovation. We do the final cleanup after construction is complete, whether it’s from a room remodel or a new build.

Residential and Commercial Post-Construction Cleaning

If you’ve recently undergone a renovation, you know there’s a mess left behind by the construction crew. Above and Beyond takes care of all post-construction cleaning in your home or business. Rather than stress over cleaning up dust or getting new surfaces to shine, let us take care of the cleanup while you enjoy your new space.


After a home remodel, you’re excited to start using your new space right away. But post-construction mess can prolong that, making the kitchen, bathroom or basement impossible to use. Our professional cleaners will get rid of debris left over from the build, getting your home back to working condition.


Whether your office is a brand new build or you’ve made some recent renovations, you want to make sure your new space is as clean as possible before you open for business. Our cleanup crew is ready to come to your workplace and take care of cleaning up after your business is remodeled.

No matter where you’ve remodeled or how big the project, Above and Beyond will get your renovated home or office clean and ready to use.

Elevate Your New Space

If you’re looking for post-construction cleaning services to help manage your home or business cleaning, contact Above and Beyond to get a quote. We quote right over the phone or by email, so there’s no need to take time out of your busy schedule.

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